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Mess No. 1 is an Authentic Living History Organization based in Ohio with members from around the country.  Our goal is simple. We attend the best Civil War Living Histories in the United States.
2003: 1) Port Gibson, Mississippi, 2) McDowell, Virginia, 3) War on the James, Virginia, 4) Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. 2004: 5) Shiloh, Tennessee, 6) Into the Wilderness, Virginia, 7) Pickett's Mill, Georgia, 8) Picket Post, Virginia. 2005: 9) Ft. Sumter, South Carolina, 10) Wood Gathering Detail, Tennessee, 11) Shiloh, Tennessee, 12) McDowell, Virginia, 13) Athens, Missouri, 14) Corinth, Mississippi, 15) Picket Post, Virginia. 2006: 16) Fort Donelson, Tennessee, 17) Fighting Withdrawal, Tennessee, 18) Fort Duffield, Kentucky, 19) Fort Granger, Tennessee, 20) Rich Mountain (By Mess No. 1), West Virginia, 21) Prelude to Chickamauga, Georgia. 2007: 22) Immortal 600, Georgia, 23) Shiloh, Tennessee, 24) McDowell, Virginia, 25) Vicksburg, Mississippi, 26) Chickamauga, Georgia, 27) Mill Springs, Kentucky, 28) Outpost III, Tennessee. 2008: 29) Point Lookout, Maryland, 30) Pickett's Mill, Georgia, 31) Marmaduke's Raid, Missouri, 32) Perryville, Kentucky, 33) Stone's River, Tennessee, 34) Fort Duffield, Kentucky. 2009: 35) Race to Knoxville, Tennessee, 36) Resaca, Georgia, 37) Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, 38) Assault on Allegheny, West Virginia, 39) Bummers (By Mess No. 1), Georgia. 2010: 40) Backwater 1865, Tennessee, 41) Crampton's Gap, Wisconsin, 42) Wilson's Creek, Missouri, 43) Before The Breakout, Georgia. 2011: 44) Resaca, Georgia. 2012: 45) 150th Shiloh, Tennessee, 46) 150th McDowell, Virginia, 47) 150th Fredericksburg, Virginia. 2013: 48) 150th Marmaduke's Raid, Missouri, 49) Kenosha Filming, Wisconsin, 50) Battlefield Tour, West Virginia. 2014: 51) 150th Bermuda Hundred, Virginia, 52) 150th Pickett's Mill, Georgia, 53) Perryville, Kentucky, 54) 150th Franklin, Tennessee. 2015: 55) 150th Bentonville, North Carolina, 56) 150th Home Sweet Home, Minnesota, 57) Floyd's Folly, West Virginia. 2016: 58) Camp Putnam, Ohio, 59) Picket Post, Tennessee, 60) Perryville, Kentucky. 2017: 61) Advance on Fort Henry (By Mess No. 1), Tennessee, 62) Fort Blakeley, Alabama, 63) On to Richmond, Virginia, 64) Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, 65) Chickamauga, Georgia, 66) Wauhatchie, Tennessee. 2018: 67) Sailor's Creek, Virginia, 68) Prelude to Invasion, Virginia, 69) Stones River, Tennessee, 70) Averell's Advance, West Virginia. 2019: 71) Fort Blakeley, Alabama, 72) Warlike Along the Rapidan, Virginia, 73) Pigs & Tomatoes, Illinois.
Pigs & Tomatoes - Oakland, Illinois - May 17-19, 2019 - Early War Impression. The 1861 Houston Expedition, hosted by the 36th Illinois, Company B. This was a full immersion event with civilian interaction. Pictured are - Front Row, Left-to-Right, John Wickett and Eric Tipton. Back Row, Left-to-Right, Scott Bierer, Jeremy Snyder, Terry Sorchy and Ken Cornett.
Since 2003, Mess No. 1 Has Hosted Three EBUFU Events: Rich Mountain (2006), Bummers (2009) & Advance on Fort Henry (2017). In 2019, We are Hosting Missionary Ridge. So Far, We Have Traveled to Seventy-Three Events in Fifteen Different States.
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Mess No. 1 is Hosting Our Next EBUFU Event in 2019 - For Missionary Ridge, we will be working with our good friends, the Governor Guards. The date is  set for November 8-10,  2019. If you are interested in attending, Click Here to Register for Missionary Ridge.
June 1, 2019
Missionary Ridge (Mess No. 1) - Chickamauga, Georgia - November 8-10, 2019 - We are hosting with the Governor Guards to recreate the three days leading up to and including the famous assault on Missionary Ridge. Impressions are the 64th Ohio for the Federals and the 4th Florida for the Confederates. This will be an immersive experience straight from the official reports. Expect to be on duty full-time with details, picket and improving our works throughout the weekend. Mess No. 1 will comprise the color guard for the event. Web Site I Guidelines I Register
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The Assault on Fort Blakeley - Spanish Fort, Alabama - April 5-7, 2019 - Late War Impression. We fell in with the 24th Missouri, representing the 37th Illinois. Event hosted by the Independent Rifles. Pictured are - Front, L-R, Anthony Pugh, Jeremy Snyder. Back - L-R, Ken Cornett, Eric Tipton, Christy Brown, Jason Brown, Mike Phineas. Not Pictured - Seth Hancock.