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Mess No. 1 is an Authentic Living History Organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio with members from surrounding areas.  We strive to attend the best Civil War Living Histories in the country.
2003: 1) Port Gibson, Mississippi, 2) McDowell, Virginia, 3) War on the James, Virginia, 4) Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. 2004: 5) Shiloh, Tennessee, 6) Into the Wilderness, Virginia, 7) Pickett's Mill, Georgia, 8) Picket Post, Virginia. 2005: 9) Ft. Sumter, South Carolina, 10) Wood Gathering Detail, Tennessee, 11) Shiloh, Tennessee, 12) McDowell, Virginia, 13) Athens, Missouri, 14) Corinth, Mississippi, 15) Picket Post, Virginia. 2006: 16) Fort Donelson, Tennessee, 17) Fighting Withdrawal, Tennessee, 18) Fort Duffield, Kentucky, 19) Fort Granger, Tennessee, 20) Rich Mountain (By Mess No. 1), West Virginia, 21) Prelude to Chickamauga, Georgia. 2007: 22) Immortal 600, Georgia, 23) Shiloh, Tennessee, 24) McDowell, Virginia, 25) Vicksburg, Mississippi, 26) Chickamauga, Georgia, 27) Mill Springs, Kentucky, 28) Outpost III, Tennessee. 2008: 29) Point Lookout, Maryland, 30) Pickett's Mill, Georgia, 31) Marmaduke's Raid, Missouri, 32) Perryville, Kentucky, 33) Stone's River, Tennessee, 34) Fort Duffield, Kentucky. 2009: 35) Race to Knoxville, Tennessee, 36) Resaca, Georgia, 37) Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, 38) Assault on Allegheny, West Virginia, 39) Bummers (By Mess No. 1), Georgia. 2010: 40) Backwater 1865, Tennessee, 41) Crampton's Gap, Wisconsin, 42) Wilson's Creek, Missouri, 43) Before The Breakout, Georgia. 2011: 44) Resaca, Georgia. 2012: 45) 150th  Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, 46) 150th McDowell, Virginia, 47) 150th Fredericksburg, Virginia. 2013: 48) 150th Marmaduke's Raid, Missouri, 49) Kenosha Filming, Wisconsin, 50) Battlefield Tour, West Virginia. 2014: 51) 150th Bermuda Hundred, Virginia, 52) 150th Pickett's Mill, Georgia, 53) Perryville, Kentucky, 54) 150th Franklin, Tennessee. 2015: 55) 150th Bentonville, North Carolina, 56) 150th Home Sweet Home, Minnesota, 57) Floyd's Folly, West Virginia. 2016: 58) Camp Putnam, Ohio, 59) The Picket Post, Tennessee, 60) Perryville, Kentucky. 2017: 61) Advance on Fort Henry (By Mess No. 1), Tennessee, 62) Fort Blakeley, Alabama, 63) On to Richmond, Virginia, 64) Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, 65) Chickamauga, Georgia, 66) Wauhatchie, Tennessee.
Lookout Mountain Living History - Chattanooga, Tennessee - June 23-25, 2017 We fell in with our good friends, the Hairy Nation Boys and an All-Star cast for this incredible experience. Pictured here are Eric Tipton, Ken Cornett and Seth Hancock at the famous "Umbrella Rock", located at the top of Lookout. Click Here For the Event Photos at the Authentic Campaigner.
Since 2003, Mess No. 1 Has Hosted Three EBUFU Events: Rich Mountain (2006), Bummers (2009) and Advance on Fort Henry (2017). We Have Traveled to Sixty-Six Events in Fourteen Different States.
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Mess No. 1 is Proud to Announce Our Next EBUFU Event in 2019 We will be hosting Missionary Ridge with our good friends, the Governor Guards. The date is  set for November 8-10,  2019. For all of the details, Click Here for the  Missionary Ridge Web Site.
February 11, 2018
April 6-8, 2018 - 87th PVI at Sailor's Creek - Sailor's Creek Battlefield, Virginia - Hosted by The Liberty Rifles in the vein of previous events at Point Lookout, MD, the Winter Quarters in Shipman, VA, and the 21st GA at Brawner's Farm. Attention to detail and a return to fundamental authentic reenacting is the goal. Assembling a Battalion of 6 Companies, full color guard, with field music, cooks, teamsters and a wagon. We'll be marching, bivuoacking, eating 3 days rations, drilling,  and more of the same across Southern Virginia. Web Site I Registration
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