1) Forage Cap
2) Hardee Hat
3) Civilian

Note: There should be a good mix of all of these.


1) Federal Issue Fatigue Blouse
2) Private Purchase Fatigue Blouse


1) Enlisted “Sky Blue”


1) Issue Shirt
2) Contract Shirt
3) Civilian Shirt


1) Federal Issue
2) Christian Commission
3) Civilian


1) Woolen Issue or Civilian


1) Federal Issue
2) Civilian Shoes or Boots


1) Foot Pattern Overcoat of Sky Blue Kersey


1) ‘61 Springfield
2) ‘63 Springfield
3) ‘53 British Enfield

Note: Please make every effort to bring a Springfield. The 64th & 65th OVI were raised by Sen. John Sherman and his connections ensured that the brigade that beared his name (Sherman Brigade) had only the best of everything, including Springfields. NO Potsdam’s or other imports.


1) US Issue early or mid-war are the only accepted leathers and brass. .69 Cal. Boxes are acceptable even though you will be carrying a .58 cal. Weapon.


1) Ohio Haversack
2) Painted Issue

Note: There should be a good mix of both.


1) Smooth Side
2) Bullseye Issue


1) Early War Double Bag
2) Late War Double Bag
3) Horse Collar Blanket Roll
4) Blanket Sling


1) Grey Issue Blanket
2) Tan “Emergency Issue”


Ground Cloth

1) Vulcanized Rubber or Painted


1) Shelter Halves Only



1) CS Issue Hats in Tan - There is a historical example ID'd to the 6th Florida
2) Jean Caps - In Ives account describing issuance of clothing he describes Caps of inferior quality
3) Civilian Hat


1) Columbus Depot (Washington Ives of the Regiment stated that in October the men received jackets of jean with blue collar and cuff. In the same Journal entry he did mention some without trim). Please make this coat a priority.
2) Plain Jean Western Jacket without trim in a "Columbus", Mobile, or Atlanta Style Cut.
3) Plain Jean Jacket


1) CS Issue Jean Cloth Trousers (Drab Jean Preferred, Brown, Blue)
2) Cotton Jean Trousers in Blue
3) Civilian Pants in Plain Colors

Shirts, Drawers and Socks

1) CS Issue
2) Donated Clothing


1) CS Issue
2) Civilian
3) Limited Boots
4) Limited US Shoes


1) Atlanta Depot
2) Columbus Depot
3) Augusta Depot
4) Macon Depot
5) Very Limited Federal Issue


1) CS Single Bags i.e. Kibbler, Pritchard, Mexican War Style.
2) Isaac and Campbell/Ross Pack
3) French Packs - The Florida state museum in the 1960s published an article describing one in their collection having a bullet hole from Missionary Ridge


1) White Wool British Import - In Ives Journal he references them being issued with the Columbus Jackets
2) CS Issue Drab Blankets
3) Coverlets

Ground Cloths

1) Should be of CS Origins
2) Very Limited Federal Issue


1) .69 Caliber Smoothbores
2) ‘53 British Enfield

Note: Returns From the Regiment list .69 and .577

Event Exclusions: No modern anachronisms! Modern medication will be allowed but MUST be kept in a period container. Each participant WILL be inspected prior to taking the field. Event organizers reserve the right to make adjustments as necessary. Failure to comply with standards may result in being asked to leave the event.
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Missionary Ridge, Presented By The Governor Guards & Mess No. 1. All Rights Reserved

1) The event organizers and staff reserve the right to dismiss any person, at any time, from the event, in the sole discretion of the organizers and staff, for non-compliance with any event rule or requirement, or for illegal or un-safe behavior.
2) The event organizers and staff remind participants that they must abide by Federal, state, and local statutes, laws, ordinances, and the like at all times.


1) You must be sixteen years old to attend unless otherwise approved in advance for an age-appropriate role by the event organizers. If you are under eighteen, you will be required to have a guardian with you and will be asked to submit a waiver with your registration.
2) Women depicting men in the military ranks are not permitted. If you register as a male under false pretenses and are discovered, you will forfeit your registration fee. If you attend the event and are discovered, you will be asked to immediately leave the site.
3) Event registration forms must be filled out on an individual basis only. Not by unit.
4) Absolutely No Walk-Ons. Your pre-registration will be confirmed when you arrive at the event.
5) All participants must abide by the clothing and authenticity guidelines established for their impression as described on this page.
6) All attendees must comply and be subject to any and all weapons safety inspections. No exceptions. Inspections will be handled by the staffs prior to and during the event.
7) All participants must wear appropriate period clothing from the time they leave the registration/parking area until the close of the event on Sunday.
8) The event hosts and organizing committee reserve the right to ask that anachronistic or inappropriate items be removed, adjusted or replaced. (See list of forbidden items and behaviors, below). We don't want to embarrass anyone, especially on-site at the last minute, so please read and understand the regulations before the event.
9) Missionary Ridge will be a mandatory first-person  immersion event.  All participants will be required to develop first-person impressions & research appropriate to the scenario.
10) Direction of all scenarios, activity schedules, and enforcement of military authenticity standards are the responsibility of the event coordinators who reserve the right of authoritative oversight in these matters at all times
11) This event is made possible through the permission of the land owner. Any disrespectful behavior toward the land or event participants will lead to immediate expulsion of the offender by the event staff. It is a privilege to be allowed to use this site and all participants are asked to remember this at all times.
12) Event Organizers and overall commanders reserve the right to combine groups at any time if it is necessary to either balance numbers or more accurately portray the scenario.


1) ALL Participants must read and understand the uniform guidelines in regard to clothing, equipment, camps and conduct at this event before you register!
2) Breastworks may only be erected at the direction of the battalion commanders. Ask the chain-of-command before you dig.
3) NO campfires in any locations, except as designated by battalion staff or the event organizing staff.
4) NO vehicles in camp, ever. Parking will be provided.
5) All camps are expected to look like actual camps during the period of time we are portraying - November, 1863 - Chattanooga.
6) NO visible modern/anachronistic articles of clothing or personal accoutrements.
7) NO obviously modern hairstyles on men (Mohawks, dreadlocks, etc).
8) NO visible tattoos or body piercings, etc.
9) NO loud, rowdy or inappropriate behavior, especially between taps and reveille. Maintain military discipline. If you create an obvious disturbance, the event organizers reserve the right to dismiss you from the event at their sole discretion.
10) NO obvious intoxication or illegal substances on site.
Please Review This Page Carefully. Here you will find the Federal and Confederate uniform guidelines followed by the event rules and regulations. The expectation is that all uniforms and accoutrements will be of correct period construction. If you have questions, please e-mail us by clicking here.