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ALL REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED - Thank You For Your Support. The response has been overwhelming. Now, it's time to prepare in earnest. Get your kit ready. Coordinate that carpool. Study that first person. If you can't make it, remember that all fees are non-refundable and will go to Brown's Ferry.
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Commander - Colonel Tyler Underwood
Beard, William - Bugler
Beasley, Dale - Medical Officer
Brown, Myers - USCC
Butler, Jim - Engineering Officer
Crosby, Calub - Musician
Debord, Malachi - Staff
DeBord, William - Left Wing Commander
Eichler, William - Sergeant Major
Green, William (Huck) - Commissary
Grzelak, Jeff - Commissary
Kotch, Mike - Musician
Ricketts, Jordan - Commissary
Roscoe, Andy - General Guide
Utley, Chris - USCC
Watson, Donnie - USCC
Wickett, John - Right Wing Commander

Company A - Johnny Lloyd - CLOSED
Company B - Brian Jankowski - CLOSED
Company C - Silas Tackitt - CLOSED
Company D - Sam Galyon - CLOSED
Company E - Matt Bohnert - CLOSED
Company F - Scott Sheets - CLOSED
Company G - Mark Hidelbaugh - CLOSED
Company H - Alan Eney - CLOSED
Company I -  Mark Vlahos - CLOSED
Company K - Ryan Alcaino - CLOSED

ARTILLERY: Bridges’ Battery - CLOSED
(Illinois Independent)

Commander - Lt. Colonel Walter Cook
Bruggeworth, Aric - Lt. Adjudant
Butler, Carson - Company A Staff
Chadwell, Barry - Assistant Surgeon
Forsythe, Zach - Battalion Clerk
Grubb, Matt - Musician
Henderson, Chris - Musician
Jerram, Andrew - Major
Jerram, Paul - Company I Staff
Lamoreaux, Ross - Sergeant Major
Meister, David - Asst. Surgeon
Permane, James - Historical Portrayal
Poythress, Hunter - Historical Portrayal
Speed, Marc - Bugler
Yoder, Jeff - Company I Staff

Company A - Brian DesRochers - CLOSED
Company B - Cory Pharr - CLOSED
Company C - Paul Goudeau - CLOSED
Company D - Whit Barr - CLOSED
Company F - Leonard Bowling - CLOSED
Company G - Dillan Lee - CLOSED
Company I -  Coty Robbins - CLOSED
Company K - Ben Cwanya - CLOSED

ARTILLERY: Washington Artillery - CLOSED

Note: Registrations are non-refundable. Proceeds will be contributed to Brown's Ferry.
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